Continuing Education

DiscoverOptions Continuing Education Program

Our DiscoverOptions Continuing Education Program is an annual subscription that includes continued access on the DiscoverOptions website to all courses you have purchased. You also have access to the Weekly Report webcasts, both live and archived Inside Wire webinars, the Live Trading Sessions, the Stock Analysis Report, and all the archived DO Mentor Series and Market Huddle recordings.

The Weekly Report: - This is free archived videos of our Weekly Report available on our YouTube Channel.

Inside Wire: This live weekly series follows the core trading strategies we teach as well as option trading approaches not addressed in the core mentoring curriculum.

Live Trading Sessions: These are recorded live trading sessions by our Mentors showing you exactly how they construct and how to execute complex option strategies and adjustments.

The Stock Analysis Report: Allows you to enter any stock symbol and get the earnings-related information you need to find trading opportunities and construct the best option trade.

Archived DO Mentor Series: Archived hour-long live webinars on specific trading topics.


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