Continuing Education: Trading Earnings Announcements

Trading Earnings Announcements

An earnings announcement can have a big impact on the price of a stock each quarter.

It is not unusual for the price of a stock to rise or fall significantly after an earnings report. This potential for a stock to move in response to an earnings report creates trading opportunities. DiscoverOptions is pleased to offer this new course to help you navigate the complexities of trading earnings announcements and take advantage of the specialized modeling and earnings features in the OptionVue 7 software.

The Earnings Course consists of three recorded presentations, two live one-on-one mentoring sessions of an hour each, 3 months of the Earnings Plays module plus 3 months of the DiscoverOptions Continuing Education Program with live weekly webinars and 100’s of hours of archived recordings.

Trading Earnings Announcements: Personal Instructor: Frank Fahey. This course offers the foundation for how to trade stock options around earnings announcements. Frank shares his 30 years of experience and explains how implied volatility ramps up in the days before an announcement, the vol crush that occurs after the announcement and how to incorporate earnings into your trading.

Calendars: Personal Instructor: Frank Fahey. Learn two different approaches to trading Calendar Spreads around stock earnings announcements. This is the same as the Level 3, Course 5 lesson.

Earnings Plays: James Hogan walks you through the Earnings Plays module and demonstrates how to use it in your OptionVue 7 program. He explains the 5 different strategies available, how to pick the best candidates and exactly when to enter and exit the trades.

Other course benefits: You will also receive access to the Stock Analysis Report, the weekly Market Huddle and the Live Trading Sessions plus access to your course materials and all archived recorded content for three months. You’ll prepare for each mentoring session by watching the online recorded presentation that requires some homework and study. You will then meet with your mentor over the phone or Skype at a mutually convenient time using conferencing software so you can look at each other's screen. Phone sessions are recorded and the links are later emailed to you by your mentor.