Continuing Education: Live Trading Sessions

These recorded live trading sessions are designed to give you a look inside the world of professional options traders. Watch as our Mentors open, adjust and close various options positions. Each recording includes a description of what the trader is doing, an analysis of the position and the process of placing and working the order.

To create these trading sessions, our Mentors turn the recorder on as they conduct a few of their normal inter-week trades and explain their thought process. Whether it's opening an initial position, adjusting a current one or closing one out, they will use the OptionVue software to walk you through their thinking. Then you will be taken to their brokerage platform and get to observe just how the trade is ordered and "worked". You will get to see how a professional works from beginning to end.

These Live Trading Sessions will be archived once or twice a week and posted to the DiscoverOptions website. Then an announcement will be sent alerting you that a new installment is available to watch at your convenience. These recordings offer an advanced education in what it takes to succeed and we think you will find them to be highly informative and educational.

All active Mentoring students have access to this valuable webinar series. Live Trading Sessions is also included with a membership to our DiscoverOptions Continuing Education Program.