Continuing Education: Core Strategy Trades and Ideas

Inside Wire

Below is a listing of the available webinars from the past year. The archive contains an additional FIVE YEARS of webinars available to students of Level 3 and above, and a total of over 300 sessions along with the accompanying files. Each presentation covers various trading strategies or topics including option trading approaches not addressed in the core mentoring curriculum.

  Date   2016 - Current Session Topics
10/09/18 Current SPX Condor/Butterfly Timing Reports
10/02/18 Towards a Better Hedged Bull Put Spread Timing Model Part 2
09/25/18 In Search of a New Bull Put Spread Timing Model
09/18/18 Options Modeling Shock Tests
09/11/18 Statistical Edge Analysis of an RSI(5)+50SMA System
09/04/18 Broken Wing Butterfly Campaign Results for July and August
08/28/18 Statistical Edge Analysis of VIX Minus VIX9D
08/21/18 Statistical Edge Analysis of RSI Overbought/Oversold Signals
08/14/18 Statistical Edge Analysis of Gaps
07/31/18 Stochastic Credit Spread Study with 200 SMA Filter
07/17/18 RSI Credit Spread Study in Crude Oil
07/10/18 Most Liquid Options Markets
06/26/18 2018 Broken Wing Butterfly Results
06/12/18 SPX Market Timing Reports
06/05/18 Correlations Part 2
05/31/18 Hedging Broken Wing Butterfly Vega
05/16/18 Statistical Edge Analysis (Revised) of Filtered Outside Bars
05/08/18 Altering the Butterfly Exit Rules
05/01/18 2013 Butterfly Campaign Backtest
04/24/18 2014 Butterfly Campaign Backtest
04/17/18 Statistical Edge Analysis Revised Part 3
04/10/18 Statistical Edge Analysis Revised Part 2
04/03/18 Statistical Edge Analysis Revised
03/27/18 2015 Butterfly Campaign Back Test
03/20/18 Filtering Butterflies with VIXDIF
03/13/18 Updated Butterfly Campaign Returns
03/06/18 Hedged Bull Put Spread Study: Price Targets and Held to Expiration Part 3
02/20/18 Hedged Bull Put Spread Shock Tests
02/13/18 VIX Elephant Returns!
02/06/18 Butterfly Campaign Shock Tests
01/30/18 Backtesting VXX Trading System Signals for SPY
01/23/18 January 23rd Inside Wire
01/16/18 VIX Elephant Roll Update
01/09/18 Diagonal Condors Part One
12/19/17 Back Testing Continuous Zero Debit Broken Wing Butterfly Campaigns
12/12/17 DMI Credit Spreads
12/05/17 Dividends
11/28/17 VIX Elephant Trader
11/14/17 Annual RSI Credit Spread Study Update
10/31/17 Back Testing 60-Day Zero Debit Broken Wing Butterfly Campaigns
10/24/17 Best Practices Broken Wing Butterfly Backtest Part 2
10/17/17 Best Practices Broken Wing Butterfly Backtest
10/10/17 Best Practices Broken Wing Butterfly (BPBWB), Part 5
10/03/17 Best Practices Broken Wing Butterfly (BPBWB), Part 4
09/26/17 Best Practices Broken Wing Butterfly (BPBWB), Part 3
09/19/17 Best Practices Broken Wing Butterfly (BPBWB), Part 2
09/12/17 Best Practices Broken Wing Butterfly (BPBWB), Part 1
09/05/17 Building a Short-Term Credit Spread System Part 3
08/29/17 TradeFinder Condors Part 2
08/22/17 TradeFinder Condors
08/15/17 Rhino Trade Part 2
08/08/17 Frank Fahey's Trading Discipline: Volatility
08/01/17 The Rhino Strategy
07/25/17 Friday's Massive VIX Trade
07/18/17 Greek Meditations with Frank Fahey
07/11/17 Building a Short Term Credit Spread System Part 2
06/27/17 A Short-Term Credit Spread System
06/20/17 Strangledor SPX Trading Plan 3
06/13/17 Jade Lizard (Strangledor) Study Part 2
05/30/17 Jade Lizard ES Trading Plan 1
05/23/17 Skew Adjusted Expected Returns
05/18/17 Jade Lizard Adjustments
05/09/17 TradeFinder Part 2: Multiple Assets
05/02/17 "Sell in May?"
04/25/17 TradeFinder Improvisation
04/18/17 Superbly Helpful OpScan Reports
04/11/17 Unusual Call Activity Study
04/04/17 Live Trading with Frank Fahey
03/28/17 Expected Return Analysis of Various Butterfly Species Part 2
03/21/17 Expected Return Analysis of Various Butterfly Species
03/14/17 Road Trip Trade Article
03/07/17 Kevlar Butterfly
02/28/17 Double Diagonal Study Update
02/22/17 Market Likelihood Report for the SPX Weekly Bars
02/14/17 Codifying Fahey Part 3
02/07/17 Codifying Fahey Part 2
01/31/17 Codifying Fahey Part 1
01/24/17 Using OpScan for IV Rankings
01/17/17 Review of Live Trading RUT Butterfly
01/10/17 Find Married Puts with OpScan and TradeFinder

Presented material is for educational purposes only and should not be construed as personalized financial advice. Futures and futures option trading involves substantial risk. Past results are not necessarily indicative of future performance.

The Inside Wire is available to active mentoring students in Level 3 and above. Graduates of Level 3 and above also continue to receive the Inside Wire with a membership to our DiscoverOptions Continuing Education Program.