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Our goal is to teach, train, and mentor you to identify and trade profitable options opportunities in all market environments, not just bullish ones. We want you to achieve an expert-level knack for finding and executing trades that make sense, and which help produce consistently positive returns month after month. Check out some of our students' comments about the program and the success they've had with the knowledge they've learned:
We recently asked our DiscoverOptions Mentoring students:
What do you like best about the DiscoverOptions program?
It was one of the best financial decisions I’ve ever made. At first, I was struggling with my trading. It wasn’t until I learned options strategies from DiscoverOptions that things turned around for me. I’ve made millions since taking the course
J. O. - Westmount, Quebec
DiscoverOptions taught me strategies that their mentors use in their own trading and money management practices. After trading for 25 years, I can tell you that you just don’t run into that very often. The curriculum is well structured and the homework really helped solidify my understanding. I heartily recommend this program.
R.D - Tuscan, AZ
After years of frustration and hours of searching for answers on how to trade options more successfully, I learned about the Mentoring Program offered by DiscoverOptions. I was ready to quit and move on to something else, but this program has changed all that! The Mentoring program has been the wisest investment I’ve ever made in my trading adventures. Learning the key elements and strategic risk management principles necessary for trading options has given me a renewed zeal for this business of trading. I am telling everyone I know who trades options, or wants to, that this should be their first investment. Thanks Steve L., Ken, and Steve P., you guys put it out there for us to grab hold of and I’ll be a student for many years to come!
R. B - Baton Rouge, La.
OptionVue and DiscoverOptions offers the ultimate mentoring package available. The first step in my search for a mentoring program was to source the very best minds in the options field. When I discovered OptionVue, what I recognized was a team of extremely knowledgeable, dedicated personnel willing and able to professionally and patiently guide mentoring students from any level of trading to a level of proficiency using tested, logical strategies. The mentors are experienced, successful active traders, trading in yesterday’s and today’s markets using the same tools offered the OptionVue mentoring student. My questions are always answered in a timely manner with clarity and enthusiasm. Frankly, I never hesitate to recommend this program and its support services to all my friends and colleagues in the business. Keep up the good work!
R.S - Chicago, IL
The mentoring class is top of the line......... I wish I would have learned this material several years ago. Keith and I went through lesson 6 on Monday with Ken and are scheduled to go through lesson 7 on Monday with Steve Papale. I have already watched lesson 8 twice just to give you an indication of where my mind is. This is really, really good stuff.
Barry M.
Murfreesboro, TN
OptionVue is an indispensable tool for my trading strategy and is something I cannot do without. The DiscoverOptions website is a most valuable resource in its own right, and used in conjunction with the OptionVue software the possibilities of identifying prudent options trades has never been easier.
Bob S.
Port Jefferson Station, NY
I would like to thank you and all the mentors- Ken, Frank and Steve for all their help and guidance through the mentoring program. I just made one of my clients over $300,000 and another over $60,000 using the strategies I learned in the program. In short- they're working!!! And, the risk management I learned is paying off. It'll be much easier for me to attract and retain clients after I just made them $300K in one month!
I can't begin to tell you how appreciative I am to be able to talk to you about what I'm doing. Your expertise and kind ear and advice are very helpful (understatement!).
Mike B.
Dallas, TX
Steve, I thought you'd like to know I paid for the mentoring course by doing your strategy the other day.... Thanks for those great huddles and Mentoring sessions.
Derek D.
New Britain, PA
Thank you for your effort in mentoring. I believe you are very knowledgeable and the way in which you are presenting the material is nice and understandable. I cannot find the time to get into the live inside wire classes, but I listen to them afterwards quite extensively and they are very educating. Money well spent on mentoring and I will recommend it to all my friends.
Lou Turek
Prague, Czech Republic
I like the IC approach you explained, I never thought about it that way - it is really revealing. This is some thing I like about you guys, I've been trading for some time now and you sometimes show me things that were there already but I never saw them.
I'm looking forward to talking with you again next week.
Raul Gonzalez
Cupertino, CA
I really enjoyed the presentation on long calls verses the time spreads. That was eye opening.
Leroy Lloyd
Bowling Green, OH
I'm really enjoying the lessons and ideas.
K. Derek
Chicago, IL
[The program is] absolutely and totally awesome. I was a dead body, so there was no way I could express the gratitude I have for your (Steve included) effort. I got so so so much out of it I.... can't find words. One of my new 2008 goals is to get you two really good referrals.
Brian D.
Clifton, NJ
I will tell you that I have enjoyed the mentoring program a great deal, I have learned a lot, and I look forward to putting my knowledge to profitable use.
Steve Hey
Sioux Falls, SD
Things are going really well in the class if not in my long portfolio. I just finished with Steve Papale and am moving on to the trading plan next week. I am so far more than very satisfied with my investment with the crew.
Charles S.
Fall River, MA
What I like about the OptionVue mentoring program. Let me count the ways. In order to place my answer in perspective it will be helpful to provide a brief background of my trading.
The first five years of my trading I researched newsletters and asset managers...
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