Why a Mentoring Program

Question: Did you learn your current occupation by just reading books or going to seminars?
Answer: Of course not. You had a boss, trainer, or mentor help get you up to speed as fast as possible. We're here to help you become an expert options trader in the shortest possible time.

Question: Can DiscoverOptions' Mentoring Program make me an expert trader?
Answer: Yes. You will be given all the tools you need to become an expert options trader. With our curriculum, advanced OptionVue, personal mentoring by professional traders, plus the time and effort you put in, you will have all that is required to be a successful trader.

Question: What kind of returns can I expect?
Answer: Naturally this varies from student to student depending on several variables, including which strategies you prefer. We teach options overlays, directional spread trading and non-directional spread trading. For an example of one of our core strategies, here is a link to the yields as published in our weekly Inside Wire webcast.

Discover Options One-on-One Personal Mentoring Program

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Trading the Broken Wing Butterfly

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The Equity Track

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The Futures Track

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Full Mentoring (Equity & Futures Track)

Our Full Mentoring package is a one year course that includes twenty-one one-hour classes with homework and twenty-one personal mentoring sessions. You will receive a year of our OptionVue 8 Essentials + OpScan subscription. This course includes access to the live weekly Inside Wire webinars and our LIVE Trading videos. You will also have access to 100's of hours of archived recordings and content and access to the Stock Analysis Report.


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