DiscoverOptions Personal Mentors
The DiscoverOptions mentors are experienced options educators and veteran market makers that will personally guide you through the program at your own pace. They have more than 75 years of combined options and finance experience - put their knowledge to work for you and let them help you create a successful trading business.

For a free consultation with an experienced mentor, to see if the program may be right for you, please call 1-800-733-6610 or fill out our online form.

Watch Steve's Video Bio Steve Lentz is the Director of Education and Research at OptionVue Systems, Inc. He developed and traded the OptionVue Research Swing 500 CTA program, and also co-authored Simple Steps to Option Trading Success. He is a well-established options educator who has spoken all over the United States, the Czech Republic, Asia and Australia on behalf of the CBOE’s Options Institute, the Options Industry Council and the Australian Stock Exchange. Steve is constantly developing new strategies on the use of options as part of a comprehensive profitable trading approach. He regularly speaks at special events, trade shows and trading group organizations.
Watch Frank's Video Bio Frank Fahey has over 15 years of experience in options trading as an independent Market Maker and as a Member of the Chicago Board of Options Exchange (CBOE) and the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT). In these roles, Frank traded in open outcry for proprietary and individual accounts in several equity and agricultural option pits, and had sole responsibility for implementation of trading strategies emphasizing risk/reward potential of stock and option positions.

Frank's successes spanned the crash of 1987 and the boom and bust of the dot-com era. He has a proven track record of superior results in high risk-reward corporate and entrepreneurial environments and is certified by the Options Industry Council as an instructor on basic and advanced options strategies.

In addition to mentoring our clients, he is currently trading his own account as well as managing money for others. He has an MBA from the University of Notre Dame, an MA from Northwestern University, and is a Member of the Security Traders Association.

Watch Steve's Video Bio Steve Papale has over 20 years experience as an economist, options Market Maker, risk manager and trader. From 1987 to 1999 he was a Market Maker at the CBOE and CME trading stock index, currency and individual stock options. Steve was also an off floor Market Maker in the S&P 500 e-mini options and Eurodollar options.

As a Personal Mentor he has worked one-on-one with DiscoverOptions students teaching them how to trade options and he has advised individuals, advisers and institutions on how to effectively implement options as a portfolio management tool.

He is currently the President of PLE Associates, which manages portfolios using options for retail and institutional traders. PLE Capital works to secure their clients financial goals by utilizing time-tested strategies designed to add value and to reduce the ups and downs in their portfolios. They don’t try to predict every market move but rather look to enhance yield and manage risk through the conservative use of options. He has an M.A. in Economics from Michigan State University and holds NASD Series 3, 7, 63, and 66 securities licenses.

Watch Ken's Video Bio Ken Dole has been a DiscoverOptions Mentor since 2008 and also works with OptionVue software clients in our tech support area. He has been a broker with a full service firm since 2004 and has a Series 7, series 63 (Registered Representative) and Series 4 (Registered Options Principal) licenses and is currently supervising options trading at a brokerage firm. He also conducts his own options research and is an avid options trader.
Watch Paul's Video Bio Paul Forchione joins our team of futures options mentors and brings a wealth of valuable experience as a trader, broker, author and educator. Starting in 1980 as a market maker on the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE), Paul became General Partner for C.O. Jones & Co. where he traded options on equities. Two years later, he became a floor trader on the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) and traded options on US Treasury Bond futures for his proprietary account. He was a futures and options broker for 20 years and authored three books: Trading Options Visually, Winning with Options, and Tying-Up Loose Ends. Paul has a BA with honors in mathematics from Northwestern University and an MBA in finance and accounting from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management.

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