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The Weekly Report- View archived Weekly Reports on our Weekly Report YouTube Channel.

Free Webcasts- View recordings of actual live events given by our DiscoverOptions Mentors and Staff. Recent examples from our weekly option trading webcasts the Trader’s Market Huddle, The Inside Wire, and the DO Mentor Series plus much more.

Educational Articles - Our archive of free articles on option trading concepts, strategies, technical analysis and fundamental analysis. Articles are broken into topic and level of difficulty to help you find the information you are interested in.

Option Strategies - Here we present a summary of all the primary option strategies for bull, bear and neutral markets. The risk, possible gain, time decay effect and increasing IV effect are shown along with the profit/loss risk graph.

Free Options Strategy Report - Get a free copy of our latest DiscoverOptions Strategy Report – Trading the Seasonal Double Butterfly. Learn how to construct the double butterfly strategy and when to enter and exit this trade. This strategy produced 83% winners and a 248% return over the past ten years. This report (in .pdf format) also includes the full ten year backtested history of the exact trades and their results.